Totem Changelog

Version ALPHA v0.84   Last Update: 14 May 2017 at 11:15 AM ()
14 May 2017, 11:15 AM
  • Intro / Summary Followup patch for profiles that includes some easter eggs, quality of life improvements, and more.
  • New Early Access Not only can you now change the order in which we display your social networks, with our privacy settings you can show specific accounts at certain times. For example - show your main Steam account publicly, but keep your smurf accounts private to friends :)
  • New Early Access Profile overview now automatically shows your livestream when you're live on Twitch (and appropriate privacy settings are met)
  • Backend Social network types were previously hardcoded (when we started it was way faster to do so) - they now pull from our database. This makes it easier to manage (and add more in the future).
  • New Speaking of making things easier to manage, we also added the following networks to our (already) expansive list, per popular request: AngelList, Beam, Behance, Deviantart, FourSquare, FreeCodeCamp, GoG, HackerNews, IMDB, Imgur, Disqus, Etsy, Medium, MeetUp, MixCloud, Pinterest, Vimeo, WhatsApp, Xing, Yelp. That brings our total supported networks to 50, each with their own privacy settings!
  • Bugfix Resolved issue where some profiles were improperly showing new update counts (even when there weren't any)
  • Bugfix Frontend We use a couple of icon fonts for social networks, and they don't support all of the networks that Totem does - so we've made around a dozen SVG icons for the networks that needed it. They should now be displaying properly.
  • New Frontend Profile timelines are now displaying properly for all profiles. We'll be adding to their functionality (including filtering, analytics, etc) in the near future.
  • Backend Prep for some cool analytics goodness + finalizing interests matrices.
  • Other misc bugfixes and quality-of-life improvements.
Layers Updates 8 May 2017, 11:03 PM
  • Intro / Summary This is a smaller update that is mostly devoted to fixing day-one bugs with Layers and profiles.
  • New Several areas of the Layers UI now include more descriptive (and hopefully helpful) tooltips.
  • Bugfix Fixed issue where attempting to edit your profile using your ID wouldn't properly redirect you back to your edit link after resolving your custom URL.
  • Bugfix Appending /edit/ to your profile now takes you to the edit UI, regardless of whether or not you include a trailing slash (previously, only worked with '/edit/').
  • New Frontend Updated Layers to include more consistent terminology in the General Settings pane: We now use Background Color and Highlight Color, etc (instead of Primary/Secondary Colors).
  • Frontend Color palettes and their behavior are now more consistent across the profile UI
  • New We've temporarily enabled full-branding on Layers, which allows custom themes to also modify the color of the navbar and footer; we are interested in seeing how this is affected by community-created themes. Normally full-branding modes are enabled for partners, staff, & Premium users - but if you're not too naughty, we might leave it enabled for everyone :)
  • Bugfix Resolved some bugs where, when modifying one of your existing themes, color and gradient fields would have the correct values - but the position of the associated color pickers would still use defaults. We've fixed most of this - but there are still fringe cases where this may occur. Should be resolved in next few hours.
  • New We added a huge link to user Dashboards to make it even easier to try out the new profiles :)
  • Backend Frontend Various, smaller QoL improvements site-wide.
Layers and Themes! 8 May 2017, 05:32 AM
  • Intro / Summary New The first version of our Layers system is up. In short, Layers is a design tool for profiles that lets you create dynamic, multi-layered (hence the name) backgrounds and fully customize your profile. If you've used Photoshop or similar editors, you'll feel right at home - each layer can be an image, gradient, or color, with individual controls (video layers coming soon, too!) Finally, you can also customize the overall layout and color scheme of the page - everything from the colors of text to the different tab colors.
  • New To try out Layers, visit your profile page and click "Edit Profile' in the top left. Then click the 'Design' tab. Choose from existing themes created by you or the community, or create your own themes.
  • New Early Access Layers is launched and available. Create and share your own custom themes, or try out themes created by other members of the Totem community!
  • Security There are several known issues where themes may not update certain attributes properly; this is due to our aggressive privacy settings and will be resolved shortly (to be clear - this does not put your privacy settings at risk - it actually makes the system more protective and ignores any lax settings)
  • Bugfix Fixed issue where VoIP options and user microphone options would never show (on any privacy setting). Better too careful than too lenient on privacy, though, right? :)
  • Bugfix Location settings updated to show properly
  • New Changed "Synopsis" to "Discourse" to more aptly reflect the purpose of the section (plus it's much shorter than "Communication")
  • Bugfix Tooltip elements should now display correctly throughout the profile sections
  • Bugfix Tooltip for joindate / account age should no longer say the incorrect text
  • Bugfix Fixed issue where tooltips weren't displaying underscores correctly
  • Bugfix Some network tooltips (e.g. Twitch, Twitter) should be updated for clarity (Twitter now always shows "@user" in tooltip).
ToS Updates, New Advisors! 2 May 2017, 04:34 AM
  • New We've updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for clarity. We'll be making some other, more significant changes in the coming weeks to better account for the new services we're launching.
  • New We're excited to announce the addition of Nolan Bushnell to our board of advisors! Mr. Bushnell is a veteran in the video game and entertainment industries, and his accomplishments include founding Atari, Chuck E. Cheese's, and BrainRush. We're excited to have his support and to be able to pull from his wealth of experience!
  • New TechDay 2017 in NYC was awesome! We met a lot of great people and other startups! Andrew is back in Seattle, and we're starting to push serious updates to our codebase again. We're at approximately 821K lines of code and counting :)
  • New We'll be announcing some (more) new staff additions in next week's updates, so stay tuned :)
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue where privacy settings would update but the corresponding dropdown under users' privacy options would not.
  • New Users can now add or modify their avatars via upload (or take a picture via their webcam), as well as perform basic image controls such as cropping and rotation. Privacy controls are, of course, included.
  • New Hover over users' avatar to see their personal photo and attach a face to the name! Users can now add or modify their personal photos via upload (or take a picture via their webcam), as well as perform basic image controls such as cropping and rotation. Privacy controls are, of course, included.
  • Bugfix Timezone changes no longer require a user to logout and back in - changes are now immediate.
  • Bugfix Various miscellaneous fixes and quality-of-life improvements for profile editing.
  • Bugfix We're aware of the various issues with mobile/responsive viewing on our dashboard, landing page and profiles for non-EA users. We are pushing out new versions of both our landing and dashboard in the next week, which is why we haven't bothered fixing said issues. Non-EA profile issues should be fixed, however.
14 Apr 2017, 07:35 PM
  • We've completed a lot of stuff on the backend code-wise, but development isn't just code - it's the company as a whole. In this update, we'll be also talking a bit about some major progress we've made on the business side of things, as we frequently get questions in that area :)
  • Backend Content and profile flagging system added.
  • Backend Final tweaks and fixes for performance.
  • Backend Interests, referrals, feeds, and timeline added/improved.
  • There really isn't much preventing us from launching our profiles - we''ll be releasing a separate changelog in the next few days detailing our profile launch and included featureset (as well as what's to come)
  • Andrew's 3-day NYC trip has turned into a 2-week rampage, as we've been in non-stop meetings, pitches, and events. Lots of awesome stuff going on!
  • We were invited to present at Women's Demo Night (NY Tech Alliance, hosted by Bloomberg) on Apr 12th. We had a lot of fun, met several other cool startup founders, and made a lot of great connections!
  • We were invited to exhibit at the upcoming TechDay 2017 (next Tuesday, April 18th), so we'll be attending and will be at our booth. If you're planning to attend in NYC, come stop by and say hey!
  • We applied to a few startup accelerators in NYC. Among other things, accelerators are great because they offer mentorship, connections and funding opportunities to founders and help "accelerate" development and growth.
22 Mar 2017, 09:31 PM
  • Intro / Summary Today's updates were largely about setting up a more efficient backend flow for our staff, as well as improving quality of life across our site for users.
  • New Frontend We've nearly completed our new profile system; we are plugging designs into the backend, and finalizing designs on our Edit and Design UI's.
  • :backend: We are currently implementing a reservation system that will allow users to grab and reserve unique URL's for their Guilds before we finish launching this module. The reservation system will be tied to our Referral system.
  • Bugfix Resolved site-wide inconsistencies with timezones. All times should now display in your preferred time (default is CST).
  • Frontend New favicons and shortcut icons for web and devices.
  • Frontend New changelog labels added, including our Easter Egg for future use!
  • Backend Launched our Staff backend for easier management and moderation.
Welcome to Totem! 21 Mar 2017, 11:28 PM
  • Early Access Totem's initial site is live! We are still building everything out, but all users can now create accounts, monitor our development progress via their dashboard, and edit their account info. We'll be adding profile functionality (and way more) in the next few days, so stay tuned to our dashboard and changelog for updates!
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